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Case Studies

Solar Installation Service: Columbia, Maryland

Mr. Miller has praise for working with America Green Solar: “We had a great experience working with America Green Solar. The solar panel installation went smoothly, and the panels are working perfectly. We’ve already seen a reduction in our energy bills, and we’re delighted with the decision to go solar.”

Richard Miller

Columbia, Maryland

When Mr. Richard Miller from Columbia, Maryland, decided to look into solar energy for his home, he was determined to find the right company to provide him with a quality service. After researching, he chose America Green Solar as his solar panel installation provider.

The team at America Green Solar did not disappoint. From the beginning of their consultation process through to the completion of the installation, they were professional and courteous in every interaction. The installation went smoothly, and within weeks Mr. Miller was already seeing a decrease in his energy bills due to his new solar panels.

Thanks to America Green Solar, Mr. Miller can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that he is helping reduce his carbon footprint while saving money on his monthly electricity bills. If you’re looking for a quality service from start to finish when it comes to solar panel installation, look no further than America Green Solar!