Benefits of Solar Energy in Homes

Electricity consumption throughout the world doesn’t seem to be slowing. Almost every device and appliance in our house uses electricity, from lights to the heating system, refrigerators, computers, washing machines, and even our vehicles.

Since electricity consumption is increasing yearly, using alternative sources like solar energy is the call of the times. According to U.S. Energy Information Administration, it is expected that renewable energy sources like solar and wind will provide almost 24% of USA electricity generation in 2023.

The electricity demand is high, which is why its cost is even higher. Almost every person nowadays complains of high utility bills and wants a way to harness alternative energy sources to lower their bills. This is where a solar system in your house comes into the picture.

Benefits of Solar Energy in Homes

What Are the Benefits of Solar Power in Homes?

You must put an upfront investment on the table to install a solar system in your house and reap its benefits. The initial cost of solar panels, installation, and maintenance must look like a hefty sum to most people, but the benefits of going solar in your home are extraordinary. You will never regret investing in something as valuable as having solar power in your home. It will not only reduce your electricity bills but increase your property value.

Solar panels have solar cells which absorb energy from the sun and then convert it into a usable form of electricity. This energy source is renewable and free of charge.

However, the panels, electrical wiring during installation, and other equipment will cost you money. But once solar energy comes into your house, it will provide you free electricity till the sun is out and generate and save excessive energy to help you save money even when the sun goes down.

You must trust a reliable solar energy system provider that will inform you regarding the installation procedure, maintenance, and overall costs and benefits of solar power in homes.

America Green Solar, a leading solar system installation and maintenance provider, has a highly professional team that will recognize your needs and provide a suitable solar system for your home.

What Are the Major 5 Advantages of Going Solar

The major benefit of the solar system in homes, offices or commercial businesses is the reduction in electricity bills. However, there’s more to this revolutionary solution than meets the eye. Here is a list of the major benefits of going “solar” in your home.

  1. Reducing Utility Bill
  2. Increase Value of Your Home
  3. Reduce Carbon Emissions
  4. Tax Credits
  5. Reliable Energy Source

Reducing Utility Bill

This comes as no surprise. Solar panel systems can drastically reduce your electricity bills. The initial investment might not appeal to you, but once you start looking at the monthly savings, you’ll realize how important solar energy is as the need of the hour.

To effectively bring in the benefits of solar energy, you should install an appropriate size and number of panels at an appropriate location. Depending on the weather conditions and your energy consumption, your solar panels might generate excess electricity transmitted back into your local area’s power distribution grid. In such a case, the excess power is sold back to the transformer grid, thus reducing your electricity bill.

Another way to store excessive electricity is by installing a home energy battery, an apparatus compatible with solar systems. The excess power is stored inside the battery so you can use it later.

Increase Value of Your Home

With the rising demand for solar panel installation in homes, many homeowners benefit from solar energy as it increases their overall property value.

A renovated kitchen or basement is considered an upgrade for a given house, and so is a solar panel system. According to National Renewable Energy Laboratory, homes that have solar panels installed sell faster than those homes which do not have any. A sound solar panel system complements a house’s quality, design, and construction.

More than 50% of buyers in the USA look for energy-efficient upgrades when hunting for a new house. This means they want to save money on their bills later on and manage their energy consumption. Both of these goals are achieved by solar panel installation, which is why houses equipped with this efficient energy solution will attract even the least interested buyer.

However, a solar panel system’s value to a house depends on the local electricity rates, solar system size, and energy consumption. The adequate size of a solar panel system must be enough to cover electricity consumption and generate some extra energy.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Another promising benefit of solar power in homes is that the panels do not produce greenhouse gas emissions. By going solar, you can play your part in conserving the environment and reducing carbon emissions.

Solar panels use a renewable energy resource that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. The extra generated energy is not wasted but stored in an installed battery. Solar panels have a small carbon footprint, yet manufacturers are still working to refine and lower it as much as possible.

If you want to make a difference in your environment, start installing a solar panel system. Your initiative will encourage your neighbors to do the same and protect the environment from the harmful impacts of electricity generation from coal or gas.

Benefits of Solar Energy: Saves Tax

Tax Credits

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, the solar P.V. systems which were installed between 2022 and 2032 are eligible for a 30% tax credit. The tax credit is expected to decrease in 2023.

If your solar panel system is eligible for the tax credit, you will benefit through an exemption in your federal income taxes. The credit will lower your tax bills. However, there are certain requirements you must fulfil before qualifying for the tax credit.

  • You own the solar panel system and haven’t obtained it by leasing the system.
  • The solar P.V. system has an original installation, which means it is new or used for the first time.
  • The system is located at your residence in the United States.

Reliable Energy Source

One of the major benefits of solar power in homes is its guaranteed performance. Many solar panel system providers grant lengthy warranties that ensure the performance of the solar unit. It is important to research before investing in a solar panel provider and choose a reliable service so that you can expect multiple-year warranties.

Solar panels are long-lasting and require little to no maintenance. The panels work excellently in sunlight but also save sufficient energy, so they are not entirely counterproductive at night.

Go Solar! It’s the Future of the World

From houses to electrical appliances and vehicles, everything in the world is going “solar.” It is safe to say that solar energy is the world’s future. Your house must cope with modern times, so you must equip it with a solar panel system as soon as possible. The long-term return on your investment will prove that solar energy is one of the most reliable and cost-effective energy solutions for your homes