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Have you gotten yet another utility bill, which, with the ever-increasing amounts of money you need to pay, is sure to put a downer on your mood and raise your anxiety levels? Well, we have a great alternative for you—GO SOLAR! If you don’t know already, installing solar panels, maintaining them, and making repairs is often a simple process. In addition, you’ll be taking care of the environment, which is always a plus. So, what are you waiting for?

There’s a strong reason solar energy is gaining popularity at an ever-increasing rate, and at America Solar Power, we completely believe in the future of solar power. From easy installations to fast repairs, we take care of everything. Based in the USA, our company has been working in the solar power sector since 2020 and has installed over 6 GW of renewable energy projects to date.

Our Services At America Green Solar

At American Green Solar, we provide exceptional solar panel installation services to residential and commercial clients around the region. Our highly-trained solar experts work directly with you, the customer, to choose the ideal solar solution for your requirements and take care of every step of the installation procedure—starting from the very first site consultation to the final inspection so that you may reap the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy for years to come.

We take great pride in providing our home and business clients with only the very best in terms of goods and services. In every installation job we undertake, we use high-quality materials and equipment to guarantee that every component satisfies the demanding standards. In addition, we provide a variety of financing options, making going solar more inexpensive than it has ever been.

If you are considering transitioning to solar, don’t hesitate and immediately get in touch with us. No matter the number of questions you may have regarding the solar installation process, our team will be more than happy to answer them and help you find a solution uniquely suited to your needs.

Is Solar Right for You?

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the power sector installed more capacity for producing solar energy than it did for the generation of any other kind of energy. And by 2017, the United States had built about 50 gigawatts of total capacity, sufficient to provide electricity to 9.5 million households.

However, despite all of this improvement, there are still a lot of customers who aren’t sure whether or not solar is right for them. Here’s how to determine if solar is right for you:

  • Firstly, size up your roof and ensure it’s a good candidate for solar installation.
  • Consider the climate in your area (Solar performs best at temperatures between 20°C and 25°C).
  • Weigh out local electricity rates (No matter the location, every property benefits from solar).
  • Take all rules and regulations into account (HOA/local requirements for permits, etc.)
  • Explore solar financing and incentives provided by federal, state, and local entities.

Solar Power Installation

Installing solar panels as part of a solar power installation involves transforming natural sunlight into electrical energy to help homeowners and business owners reduce their monthly electricity bills and minimize negative environmental influence. The installation of solar panels typically takes one to two days, after which you may start reaping the eco-financial benefits of using renewable energy.

The first step in solar power installation is evaluating where the project site is located. An expert installer from American Green Solar will assess your commercial or residential property to determine the ideal placement of the solar panels in terms of sun exposure and shade. Once the evaluation/assessment of the site is done, the installer will proceed to the next step, which is measuring the area of the roof or the ground to specify the optimal size for the solar system.

Once the installer has a fair idea of the system sizing, then comes the final step in the solar power installation process: the installation itself. We’ll order the necessary equipment and set a date (of course, one that suits your schedule). On the day of the installation, our solar experts will visit your property to install the solar panels, inverter, and the other components of the system.

America Green Solar | Solar Power Installation
Solar Power Maintenance

Solar Power Maintenance

Solar energy is a fantastic way to reduce environmental impact and save money on monthly electricity bills. Still, just like any other technology, solar panels must be maintained regularly to perform to their full potential. At America Green Solar, we provide extensive solar power maintenance services, ensuring your system continues functioning effectively.

As part of our solar power maintenance services, we’ll perform a comprehensive check of your solar system while cleaning the panels and the wiring and making any required modifications or repairs. In addition, we’ll inspect the inverter and the batteries to ensure that they are in good working order. Since our solar maintenance plans are customized to meet each client’s requirements and financial limitations, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible yet affordable services.

Keeping your solar panels clean helps guarantee that they can take in the most sunlight possible, which is necessary for generating electricity. In addition, inspections enable us to spot any potential issues so that we may address them before they can harm the system. Simply put, we assist you in maximizing the ROI by ensuring that your solar panels are functioning properly.

Solar Power Repair Services

What steps do you take when your solar panels need repair? Well, this is when solar power repair services come to the rescue by helping you get your system back up and running smoothly. At America Green Solar, we’re aware that solar panel repair may be costly; thus, we strive to provide reasonable prices and various financing alternatives to help make the process more accessible.

Solar panels are devices that capture sunlight and transform it into electrical energy. After that, the power goes via an inverter, changing it from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). From your residential or commercial property through the electrical system, the AC electricity is often distributed. Considering that solar power repair services include various tasks, including cleaning and disinfecting the entire solar panel and correcting wiring errors to ensure it operates smoothly.

Since solar panels, just like any other piece of electrical equipment, are susceptible to breaking down, they may sometimes need repairs. Thus, it is essential to retain the services of a professional solar power repair provider. At America Green Solar, our solar experts have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to preserve the effectiveness and longevity of your solar panels.

Solar Power Repair Services: America Green Solar

America Green Solar – Bringing the Power of the Sun to Your Service

At America Green Solar, we provide solar power installation services so that you can reap all of the financial and environmental benefits that come with using solar energy. In addition, we provide continuous maintenance and repair services to ensure that your system continues to function correctly.

Not just that – you can always rely on the knowledge and experience of our solar experts to guide you in selecting an appropriate solar energy system for your house or place of business.

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What Services Does America Green Solar Provide?

At American Green Solar, we provide solar power installation services for residential and commercial properties so that you can reap all of the financial and environmental benefits of using renewable solar energy. In addition, we provide continuous solar power maintenance and repair services to ensure that your solar system continues to function smoothly for years to come.

The Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Solar energy is a renewable resource that comes with many benefits. First, solar panel installation may help reduce monthly electricity bills. In addition, solar energy does not produce any pollutants, making it an alternative that is better for the environment when compared to more conventional methods of energy generation. And lastly, photovoltaic panels increase property value.

How Much Does a Solar Power System Cost?

The cost of installing a solar power system is determined by several aspects, such as the size and kind of system you use—in addition to where you live. On the other hand, you may expect to pay somewhere about $3 per watt for a system on average. This indicates that installing a 5 kW system, the typical size for a property in America, would cost around $15,000 (more or less).

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Sheena Evans

Sheena Evans

Denver, Colorado

I had a great experience working with America Green Solar. They were very professional and knowledgeable about solar panel installation. They did a great job installing my solar panels, and I would recommend them to anyone considering solar panel installation.

Katherine Canter

Wilmington, Delaware

I highly recommend America Green Solar. They are a solar panel company that installed my panels and they have been working great. The company was very professional and did a great job. I have been very happy with their work and recommend them to anyone considering solar panels.

Denise Abrams

Richard Miller

Columbia, Maryland

We had a great experience working with America Green Solar. The solar panel installation went smoothly and the panels are working perfectly. We’ve already seen a reduction in our energy bills and we’re very happy with the decision to go solar.

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